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How many years ahead of Japan is the US now?

I hadn't been to the U.S. in two years, and I was surprised to see the increase of contactless services in many situations. I was also glad to see that the chat function has become more popular than the telephone, and it's stress-free. Also, electric scooters have replaced bikes as a major vehicle.
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“3 Days Forced Quarantine” has Begun, Skipping Christmas

We took a midnight flight on Christmas Eve from San Francisco back to Tokyo. Arrival at Haneda was in the early morning of December 26. So, December 25 was offset by a 17-hour time difference, making this year the year Christmas never came. And we immediately entered the quarantine facility.
Zero Waste

Low Waste Bulk Grocer in San Francisco

"We don’t need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly." -- I had a wonderful experience where what had been imprinted as "zero-waste" was replaced with "low-waste".
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What You Must Prepare for Japan Trip from California

Our one-month stay in the United States is about to pass in no time. Immigration information is updated every day, so we would like to get the correct information and prepare for returning to Japan without any mistakes. This morning, we went to a PCR test within 72 hours before departure.

Weekend in Pacific Heights & Japan Town : San Francisco

Two weeks have already passed since our arrival in San Francisco. My husband and I are pizza lovers, but we hadn't been to a pizza place once. On Friday evening, we took a short stroll around Pacific Heights and Japan Town and had dinner at "Pizzeria Delfina" there.

Weekend in Noe Valley : San Francisco

This was my third visit to San Francisco, and since I had already been to all the major tourist spots, I wanted to see something a little different this time, so I looked at the map and picked the places I wanted to go.
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“Workation” in San Francisco

It's been a whole week since we arrived in San Francisco. On weekdays, we stay at the hotel and work from Monday to Friday, just like we do in Tokyo. The only time we go out is to go to the grocery store to buy foods. It's a bit of an unhealthy lifestyle, so we'll consider taking a walk next week.
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How To Get Correct and Updated Information During Pandemic

Continuing from yesterday, we spent another day at the mercy of information. The surprising policy of "We are suspending new bookings for international flights" has been reversed! . And yesterday's decision was forced to quarantine returnees from California for three days. There is a lot of confusion about that, too.
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“Forced Quarantine for 3 days” after Returning from San Francisco to Tokyo

Today, December 2nd, at our time here, the decision has been made to have a mandatory quarantine for three days after our return. At this point, the only area in the US that is subject to this quarantine is California. On this trip, I was also subject to a secondary security screening after I pass through the boarding gate. What is next?

Required for Travel between San Francisco and Tokyo

Until a few years ago, I used to fly across the ocean every week like a train. Now, besides the passport, there are many paperwork that must be done, such as COVID-19 negative certificate and Attestation. We have started preparing for San Francisco in November.