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Summer Vacation Plan : Yes, Hawaii!

"We've got our flights, we've got our accommodations, and now all we have to do is wait for the flight to leave!" The New Normal is not to be. It has been about half a year since my last visit to the U.S., so I proceeded to search the Internet, hoping that the required documents and inspections had been eased.
Between Two Cities

Life Between Two Cities : One Year Has Passed

On weekends, pack up and take the express train, 80 minutes from Tokyo Station to Onjuku, work in the fields, take a walk along the beach, and discover new shops and places. Looking back, we had a lot of new experiences and encounters!

How many years ahead of Japan is the US now?

I hadn't been to the U.S. in two years, and I was surprised to see the increase of contactless services in many situations. I was also glad to see that the chat function has become more popular than the telephone, and it's stress-free. Also, electric scooters have replaced bikes as a major vehicle.

The First Thing We Did After 2 Weeks Quarantine

For the first three days, we were completely locked down at the hotel, and for the remaining 11 days, we were self-quarantined at home except going to the grocery store. The long, long 14 days have finally come to an end. From today, I can use public transportation and go for walks outside. So what was the first thing we did?
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Where We Want to Live in 2022?

Happy New Year. This year, we quietly celebrated the New Year at home in Tokyo, because we were quarantined during the year-end and New Year holidays after returning from the U.S. In 2022, I will do my best to do what I can and I want to help society as much as possible. To another good year!
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Finally! We are Free after Forced Quarantine

After three days of forced quarantine, we were finally back home. The forced quarantine was more painful than I had imagined. At the end of the year, I got a good learning that it is a blessing to be able to go out into a space that is not closed at any time and to be free to breathe the fresh air.
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Day 3 of Forced Quarantine in Japan : Daily Routine

This is the third day of living like I was in the hospital. The time difference between San Francisco and Japan is 17 hours, but this motionless life makes it harder to recover from jet lag. I have to take my temperature every day and report it to the facility and the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. We're almost there!
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Day 2 of Forced Quarantine in Japan : Living on the Bed

The small room is filled with beds. During forced quarantine, you cannot leave the room even one step, including meals. Therefore, I spend all day on the bed. It's a life with less movement than I imagined, so it's really important to prepare in advance.
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“3 Days Forced Quarantine” has Begun, Skipping Christmas

We took a midnight flight on Christmas Eve from San Francisco back to Tokyo. Arrival at Haneda was in the early morning of December 26. So, December 25 was offset by a 17-hour time difference, making this year the year Christmas never came. And we immediately entered the quarantine facility.
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What You Must Prepare for Japan Trip from California

Our one-month stay in the United States is about to pass in no time. Immigration information is updated every day, so we would like to get the correct information and prepare for returning to Japan without any mistakes. This morning, we went to a PCR test within 72 hours before departure.