Life Between Two Cities : One Year Has Passed

Between Two Cities

On weekends, pack up and take the express train, 80 minutes from Tokyo Station to Onjuku, work in the fields, take a walk along the beach, and discover new shops and places. Looking back, we had a lot of new experiences and encounters, such as going out to the neighborhood, interacting with local people, and enjoying meal time with my family.

Circle of Exchange

Although I am still far from feeling like I am “living in Onjuku”, I often stop for small talk when I walk down the street. Since I am a local, of course I can usually tell who someone is by looking at their face, but I have lived away from my hometown for so long that before I started living in two locations, I would only say hello when we passed each other.

Nowadays, I have friends in Onjuku who work at the vegetable garden, go out for dinner, go to events and so on.

Looking back, I think I’ve got a lot of acquaintances in the town in less than a year.

I would like to continue to expand the circle of exchange in Onjuku.

8-month Results of Our Vegetable Garden

We planted various vegetable seeds in September and October last year, but we succeeded in two kinds of radishes, which have the shortest cultivation period, and fava beans, which have the longest cultivation period.

Considering that the field where we planted the beans was overgrown with weeds, I was very pleased with my efforts for a complete amateur in the field. In the cold season of February, without laying straw, without fertilizer, and with only occasional weeding, many very large and sweet fruits were produced.

I want to continue to enjoy it at the relaxed pace I have now!