Onjuku Gardening Club – Day9 : Changing from fall/winter to spring/summer vegetables

Onjuku Gardening

The fava beans that we sowed in October have withered and turned black after blooming, and beans have emerged from them.
It is exciting to see them grow day by day.

The Grass Never Stops Growing

Saturday, April 9, was the day for planting spring and summer vegetables, but weeding was by far the more time-consuming task. From the time we gathered at 8:00 am until the chime sounded to signal noon, we frantically weeded two fields for four hours.

My muscles ached again, but the before/after photos were worth the effort and gave me a sense of satisfaction.😂

Peaceful Field Work

Thanks to starting a farm, I am blessed with opportunities to have casual conversations with people in the community, which makes me feel relaxed every time. This time, after sowing the seeds, my husband went to the neighboring field to borrow a jar to water the seedlings. There, he and a neighbor on a bicycle are talking about something.

Yuriko and I watched them from afar, anxiously wondering if he was asking, “Where are you from, what are you doing?”
When my husband returned, I asked, “What were you guys talking about?”
And he said,

“Is it Reeves’s muntjac? “


My husband found the beast-proof net in the next field had come off, so when he was fixing it, a bicycle guy asked to him, “Is Reeves’s muntjac actually coming out?”
What a peaceful conversation and view😊

Frog Chorus

Since the Takiguchi vegetable garden was originally a rice field, the soil is sticky and makes our boots miserable every time we visit. The whole area around the vegetable garden is also rice paddies, and just one or two months ago, the entire area was being watered in preparation for rice planting.

So we have been working in the fields these days listening to a chorus of frogs, and this time some of those frogs came to play in our fields.

In addition to frogs, we saw weasels and pheasants. The pheasant was standing right next to the fava beans, so it might be waiting for the beans to come in. We must be careful!

Spring and Summer Vegetables

The followings are the type of vegetables sown this time.

Takiguchi Farm
1+2Angelica Keiskei
4Kabocha Squash
6Crown Daisy
7Sichuan Vegetable
Toriihara Garden
1Sponge Gourd
3Edible Flowers
4Burdock Root
6Chili Peppers

The other five rows will be planted with tomatoes, cucumbers, and sweet potatoes!
I can’t wait to harvest again.