SIT Architecture Student’s Presentation in Iwawada, Onjuku


On Tuesday, March 15, a SIT student’s presentation was held at Iwawada, Onjuku Town by an associate professor Michiko Okano’s laboratory from the Department of Architecture at the Shibaura Institute of Technology. The results of the fieldwork and interviews with local residents conducted in October of last year, and the results of the design project they have been working on for about six months since then, were explained in detail using models and slides at the site.

↓See below to see the fieldwork conducted last October.

Importance of Random Gatherings

A total of 39 people attended the event, including 10 students, the mayor and chairman of Onjuku Town, the mayor of Iwawada District, members of the Planning and Finance Division of the town hall, members of the fishing cooperative association, Iwawada board members, members of Iwawada handmade craft club, and people involved in various activities in the town to rejuvenate the neighborhood and community, making for a diverse and broad-based gathering.
I am grateful from the bottom of my heart that so many people were willing to participate.🙏

There was originally no junior high school in the Iwawada district of Onjuku Town, but now that the elementary and nursery schools are gone, there are fewer opportunities for residents other than families with children to go see “student presentations” and for “multi-generational exchange,” so in that sense, this was a very meaningful and wonderful gathering with many insights.

Student’s Idea Thinking Outside the Box

The outline of the architectural design assignment set by Assoc. Prof. Okano is as follows.

  • Facility Use : Public Hall plus alpha
  • Function : 1) Multi-Generational Exchange, 2) Gathering and Resting, 3) Childcare Support, 4) Disaster Prevention Center, 5) Cooperation with surrounding facilities
  • Total Floor Area : Approx. 2,000 sqm
  • Site : The site is expected to be approximately 2,000~5,000 sqm in the vicinity of Iwawada, Onjuku Town, Chiba Prefecture. Candidates will identify a location where old and new residents can mingle and where everyone from the elderly to children can stop by.

The district of Iwawada is a densely populated residential area, so when it comes to finding a somewhat cohesive and spacious site, there is only the former Iwawada Elementary School, the site of the former Iwawada Nursery School, and the former Iwawada Housing Complex.
The students unanimously chose the site of the former Iwawada Nursery School, which was planned to be integrated with the adjacent parking lot.

What I thought was wonderful about all four presenters was that they took a good look around the area of Iwawada, found unique features of a fishing village and Iwawada could have, and used them as inspiration for their design ideas.

Everyone who participated was highly acclaimed.
The students also felt completely confident when they heard the comments from the participants after the presentation.

Town Walking Map

They even made a very cute “town walking map”, and all the residents were very interested to see their own neighborhoods in the booklet.
They gave us about 20 copies of the booklet, but there were so many people who wanted them that they had to fight for them.😂 They will be printing more copies next term!

I cannot thank Associate Professor Okano enough for her deep understanding of my hometown and for working with me at the same temperature.
I would also like to thank her, who will continue to work at “Iwawada” with new student members from the new year, next month.

It’s time to drive the specific project forward!?