Onjuku Gardening Club -Day8 : Soil Preparation for Spring/Summer Veges

Onjuku Gardening

The Onjuku vegetable garden, started last September, has completed one cycle of fall and winter veges, and now it’s time to start preparing for spring and summer veges!
The Yuriko truck is also getting ready for its first work, loaded with a tiller and fertilizer.


When I came here for the first time in a while, I found a magnificent bridge with railings in the field.😲
It seems that the bridge that was exhibited at “Onjuku Handmade Exhibition” until March 3 has arrived here.

When I came here in February, we were talking about how cold it was, after all, no weeds would grow, but spring has been steadily coming. The field was covered with weeds and purple flowers. In the next field, field mustard were blooming, making the field all the more colorful from the lonely winter landscape.
It seemed that other fields were being worked on that day, and happy voices could be heard echoing from afar.

Growth of Fava Beans

The buds of the fava beans that we sowed on October 23 last year have emerged. White and red flowers are about to bloom!
They are still not growing tall (about 40 centimeter, I think), but I am relieved to see that the leaves are thicker than they were in February, when they were losing their energy.

I heard that the neighboring field was damaged by Reeves’s muntjac, but somehow our field was safe.
My first fava beans, I would be very happy if I could harvest them, so hang in there for about 2 more months!

Weeding, Fertilizer Sowing, Ridging

Last time, we cultivated a field full of grass and a hard and flat field. On the other hand, this time, the work was to cultivate the barely remaining ridges again, add fertilizer, and make ridges, so we started around 8:30am and finished the work for two fields before 1pm. Since it was the second time, I was able to imagine the work flow to some extent, so I felt easier this time.
As usual, my husband and I have muscle aches from the next day.

In both fields, I made the ridges larger this time.
Angled ridges! I finished them off like a metal trowel craftsman.

We’ll let the soil rest for the next three weeks, then sow lots of seeds of all kinds in early April! I’m looking forward to it!

Bridge, Liberation!

The “Do not cross this bridge” sign was removed by strong winds from the southwest, leaving the bridge free for traffic.😁