Onjuku Handmade Craft Exhibition


An exhibition of handmade dolls, temari balls, flowers, and Chinese zodiac dolls, as well as dolls depicting the Mexican memorial tower that symbolizes Iwawada and the fishing industry, all of which have been created by the aunties of the Iwawada district of Onjuku Town over the past year, has just started!!

Information of the Exhibition

The exhibition will be open from 9am to 3pm every day from today until the Doll Festival on Thursday, March 3rd.
The venue is at 2124 Kubo, Onjuku Town, Chiba. The landmark is the colorful “ONJUKU” sign.

You will be warmly welcomed by the aunties of Iwawada, the creators of the dolls😁

The crafts were created with a lot of love and time and those are the result of a year’s hard work by the aunties, who wanted many people to visit and learn about Onjuku Town.

Admission is free, so we would appreciate it if you could stop by after taking thorough infection control measures.

Streaming Now!

There are some situations where it is difficult to go far due to the pandemic, so from this year, aunties will do their best to live stream the exhibition on YouTube!!

I’m always inspired by the way they are working hard and positively to do what they can to deliver their energetic power to as many people as possible and to energize the community.

Thank you for giving me so much power🙏

My Favorite

Finally, I would like to introduce my favorite dolls.

Ikkyu with sidelong glance
The beach of Iwawada, which was once lively with fishermen and female diver.