Zero Waste Life : Finally Start Composting At Home

Zero Waste

I’m the type of person who pushes forward impulsively against anything.
However, I was very cautious when it came to composting. .. But now, it’s finally started!

The Event that Led To Me Starting..

I often leave my house, I don’t like insects, and I am worried about the garbage odor. Because of these three things, I couldn’t quite reach the point where I said “Let’s try!” for a long while.

However, in January of this year, I happened to have an opportunity to get a composter called “LFC composting,” which is suitable for beginners and for urban apartment living. For more details, please click below.

After that, I came to the point where I could start immediately if I prepared the soil inside, so I bought the soil at the end of January with the thought that if I miss this opportunity I will not do it for the rest of my life.
Ready to get started anytime!!

It has been another two weeks since then, and finally, today, my feelings are solidified. I wonder to myself why it took me so long.😂

Preparation Instructions on YouTube.

It’s so much faster and easier to understand anything on YouTube these days than it is to read the instructions!

I had always thought about putting it on the rooftop, but my husband said to me,
“Why don’t you put it on the balcony near the kitchen? It’s a daily thing,”
and I immediately said, “Sure!” I changed my mind.
A youtuber told that it would be better to put it on a perforated platform for ventilation, so I wondered what I could find. After searching the house, I found that some of these white nets were not being used, so I placed them on top of the trash cans on the balcony.

Well, being a garbage area, this is the most fitting place!

First, put 2/3 bags of soil and start, and after 1 month, add the remaining 1/3 bag of soil. Place the stirring scoop next to it and I’m ready to go!
It was done in an instant.😁

What and how much to put in.

The above are what you can and shouldn’t put in the LFC compost. It’s nice that damaged things and garbage in the drain are also ok! What I thought was a little annoying was to chop it into very small pieces and throw it away: for example, one banana peel would be divided into 12 equal parts, avocado seeds would be divided into 4 equal parts, and so on.

By the way, each bag of soil can hold two months’ worth of food scraps.
The appropriate amount per day is 300-400 grams.

I wondered how much, so I measured the coffee grounds yesterday and today and found 81 grams (4 cups). Well, if it is 400 grams, is that the right amount for a day? Maybe..

I would like to share more about the bugs, garbage odor and the amount of garbage in the process of using them.