Zero Waste Life : Big Decision!

Zero Waste

Since last year, I’ve been working towards a zero waste lifestyle, starting from where I can, one step at a time, in my own way.
Just by being aware of it, I think I have reduced the amount of garbage I produce by about 20%.

Review of last year

There are seven new lifestyle habits that I started working on last year.

  • Reuse of wine bottles
  • Recycling of contact lens cases
  • Reuse of shirt collar keepers
  • Visualization of discharged waste
  • Reuse of food cases by becoming a member of Seikatsu Club
  • Harvesting baby leaf
  • Simplify the bathroom(5% achieved)

For more information, please see below.

And this year, I have started three new initiatives. (One of them is still in preparation, though).

#08 | Bringing an Insulated Tumbler

Last December, I bought a coffee cup and tumbler with the original logo at the first Starbucks store in Seattle. I have never been to Starbucks with my own tumbler, but this was my chance to make my tumbler debut this year.

#9 | Reduction of Garbage Bags

I’ve always wondered about the garbage bags for throwing away garbage.
As for bottles, jars, cans, and plastic bottles, I always pack them in bags and take them to the garbage room, where I take them out of the bags and throw those garbage bags away and come back.

I always wondered if I could rethink that cycle, so I finally bought a garbage basket.
I feel so much better!

#10 | Compost

Finally, I’m going to try composting!
I’ve been worried that it would be difficult because of the smell, bugs, and the fact that I’m away from home a lot, but about a week ago, there was a Marche in Onjuku, and when I went there, Ayumi, my new friend there, very kindly gave me this bag called “LFC compost”!

She read my blog and found out I was interested in LFC compost and gave it to me because she didn’t use it.

I will be away from home a lot in February, so I hope to start in March.

A Bonus

The day before yesterday, I brought an empty contact lens case to the collection box.
I have saved it for about 2 months. This is the second time.
At that point, I received a cute coaster, saying, “To the customers who cooperated in the collection.”

This is a thank-you gift for participating in the Eyecity Eco Project, and it’s a small item made at sheltered workshops for people with disabilities all over Japan. I was looking for fabric coasters at just the right time, so I was very satisfied😆