How many years ahead of Japan is the US now?


It’s been just 4 months since I started this blog.
I’ve always been away from social networking sites, but this year I’m starting to connect with people on Instagram, and I’m trying it out first to see what it’s like.


(Using image from Pixabay)

Since late 2005, I had been studying English for several months at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. At that time, Facebook was not that big, and at least in Japan, no one was doing it around me. I think I was connected to my Japanese friends through mixi, which was one of the most famous SNS in Japan.

My schoolmates invited me to join them, and I was on Facebook at that time. About five years later around 2010, I think, the number of Facebook users gradually increased in Japan. At the same time, I faded out of social networking.

The reason is that I am persistent when I start personally.
So it’s the same with games. If you don’t do it or not, it will be endless. Under such circumstances, I have been living without a TV for more than 10 years.


Returning to the theme of this article, my feeling is that, like the spread of Facebook, what takes root in the U.S. will begin to take root in Japan about 5 years later. It is often said that Japan is 10 years behind the U.S., but I wonder if we are that far behind😂

In San Francisco, it seems that there are more shared electric scooters than electric bikes, and it is already popular. On the other hand, in Tokyo, I saw that they had set up a few spots last year. In terms of the legal system, you need a license, a license plate, and a helmet, just like a moped, so it’s still not an easy vehicle to replace a shared bike. It was only around the end of December last year that we heard news of deregulation, such as the elimination of the need for a license for scooters.

No More Face-to-Face Service

The hotels we stayed at while we were in the U.S. also had a system in place that did not require any direct interaction with the staff. You can make a reservation with your phone, check in with your phone, use your phone as a key to your room, check out and pay with your phone, and you’re done. Room service is also done via chat from the same app on the phone.

Also, the chatting with Delta Air Lines when booking domestic flights in the US was very smooth. At first, the machine handled the process to a certain extent, and then the baton was passed to a human. It was a very satisfying response. On the other hand, ANA also had a chat function, but the answer to my question ended with “I’m sorry I can’t help you.” (done)..So, I ended up calling them and talking to them directly. Even though the outline of the system was completed, I felt that the operational aspect was yet to come.


I’ve been struggling with whether or not to try “composting” for quite some time.
I’ve been asking questions to people who actually use LFC compost on my recently started Instagram, and still I can’t make up my mind.

Japan has the largest number of incinerators in the world, so I guess there is no way to stop burning.
I’m secretly hoping that the local government will promote “compost sorting” like they do in San Francisco.

I don’t know the details, but in addition to food scraps, pizza and take-out boxes, coffee filters, and even disposable forks and spoons can be composted. I guess the local government is asking for the cooperation of private companies such as restaurants and cafes.


Finally, here’s a bonus.
I’m not a car person at all, but I saw quite a few of these flat Tesla cars, so I couldn’t help but snap a picture! And most of the people driving this type of car did not have license plates on the front.