The First Thing We Did After 2 Weeks Quarantine


It’s been a very long two weeks.
It feels like a long time ago when we were quarantined in a hotel, and a long long time ago when we were in the United States.

Good Job!

We are finally released from the “My SOS” app, which has been monitoring us for 14 days from morning till night!

I woke up and said to my husband.
“We don’t have to turn on the ring tone on our cell phone from today.”

And our conversations continued,
“But after 14 days of constant communication with the app, suddenly we don’t really have to do anything from today? I haven’t heard from them that their monitoring is over! Is it really okay if I end it without any notice?”

Just as we were talking about this, a message came from “My SOS” app! It said,
“Thank you very much for your cooperation.”

Thank you for YOUR support as well🙏

The First Thing We Did

So from today, we are allowed to use public transportation.
It occurred to me that it’s been a month and a half since I last took the limousine bus to Haneda Airport on November 26th last year, and today I took the Tokyo Metro, the first public transportation in Tokyo.

And the first thing we did after being released from quarantine was go to the hairdresser!

I’ve been going to the same hair salon for over 10 years, but I never dreamed that the day would come when I would get a haircut side by side with my husband😆

Normally, we don’t go to the hairdresser together because our respective schedules are different. Even if the timing happens to be on the same day, we have the same stylist, so we make our appointments at different times.

We made separate appointments as usual, but later they contacted us and said it would be okay if we proceeded together at the same time.
So the two of us went to the hair salon together after the quarantine.

I get a little out of breath just walking up the stairs at the train station, etc. I am completely lacking in exercise.
I’d like to start taking walks from tomorrow.

In place of our end of quarantine, Jeremy, who was homestaying at home, is back from the United States today.
Good luck for the next 14 days!