Zero Waste

Zero Waste Life : Big Decision!

Since last year, I've been working towards a zero waste lifestyle, starting from where I can, one step at a time, in my own way. Just by being aware of it, I think I have reduced the amount of garbage I produce by about 20%. I would like to make steady efforts to reduce garbage by increasing new lifestyles this year as well.
Onjuku Gardening

Onjuku Gardening Club -Day6 : Late Harvest of Autumn-Planted Vegetables

Winter is a slow time for the Onjuku Vegetable Gardening Club. Many people gathered for Day 5 at the end of October, but for Day 6, we had a quiet but very enjoyable harvest! We sowed the seeds and replanted the seedlings on October 9 last year, and it's been over 3 months since then, but it's harvesting!

How many years ahead of Japan is the US now?

I hadn't been to the U.S. in two years, and I was surprised to see the increase of contactless services in many situations. I was also glad to see that the chat function has become more popular than the telephone, and it's stress-free. Also, electric scooters have replaced bikes as a major vehicle.

The First Thing We Did After 2 Weeks Quarantine

For the first three days, we were completely locked down at the hotel, and for the remaining 11 days, we were self-quarantined at home except going to the grocery store. The long, long 14 days have finally come to an end. From today, I can use public transportation and go for walks outside. So what was the first thing we did?
Live like a Traveler

Where We Want to Live in 2022?

Happy New Year. This year, we quietly celebrated the New Year at home in Tokyo, because we were quarantined during the year-end and New Year holidays after returning from the U.S. In 2022, I will do my best to do what I can and I want to help society as much as possible. To another good year!