Finally! We are Free after Forced Quarantine

Live like a Traveler

After three days of forced quarantine, we returned home, went to the rooftop, and looked up at the sky, which was completely blue and cloudless!
It’s a blessing to be able to go out into a space that is not closed off at any time and be free to breathe the fresh air.
At the end of this year, I got a “good learning”.

Crunch Time

After arriving at Haneda Airport at 4:30 in the early morning of December 26, we entered the quarantine facility at 9:30, five hours after going through various procedures.
I was able to spend the first two days in a fairly normal mental condition, but rather I could afford to enjoy the new environment.

The hardest day was the afternoon of December 28, the third day after our arrival.
There were two of us in a 14 square meter room, we couldn’t step out, and the only place we could be was on the bed.
My husband told me later that I was talking to myself even more than usual😁

The view from the small window in our quarantine room

I wasn’t aware of it at all, but I do recognize that I felt some irritation, an urge to open the window (the room was on the 31st floor, the only view outside was the wall, and the window probably wouldn’t open), and then a desire to open the window and shout loudly.

I managed to overcome the third day of such a crunch time, and on December 29th, the fourth day after our arrival, I was filled with excitement from the morning of my leaving day.
The PCR test kit was distributed before 7am, and the saliva test was conducted immediately.
As scheduled, we received a call to our room a little before 2pm. We were able to pack our belongings and leave the facility immediately.

Quarantine Meals

Bento boxes during forced quarantine

We had these bento boxes at 8:30am for breakfast, 12:30pm for lunch, and 6pm for dinner.
Breakfast and dinner had almost the same menu, but lunch was a different menu each time like Chinese, Western and Japanese, which was my favorite of the three meals.

Thank you very much for all the support during our stay🙏

Finally Going Home

We left the room at 2pm, and the bus was already on its way at about 2:10pm!!
I was amazed at how good we are at group action, and I could feel the national character of Japanese in this moment.

Overseas returnees are not allowed to use public transportation (including ordinary cabs) to get home.
Since we live alone, there is no one to pick us up, so we need to ask Limousine Service.
However, we were told when we arrived at the quarantine facility that the time we could leave the facility was after 2pm, and in some cases it could be as late as 6pm.

That’s why it’s difficult to book a limousine taxi in advance, and having them wait for a while is also a key point in finding a limousine company.

We chose a limousine service called “VIP Hire Car Service” this time.
The following are some of the points that made us choose this place.

  • It’s very easy to complete everything on line using the app “LINE”, from making a reservation to answering questions and making payment.
  • Waits for free from the reserved time to 2 hours
  • The price is also cheaper than others. (Haneda Airport to Koto-ku,Tokyo 13,000 yen)
Haneda Airport Terminal 3, Limousine Service Platform

In this way, we were able to safely return to our home in Tokyo.

We will continue to be in self-quarantine at home until January 9.
However, this is not really painful or anything, just a normal “Stay Home”.

We will continue to respond to video calls, report your current location, and report your health conditions using the app called “My SOS” operated by the government.

My husband received a notification to “report your current location” while moving from the forced quarantine facility to our home. When he honestly pressed the button on the app while moving, he received such a scary message like below.

It says, “Movement within a certain distance from the standby location has been detected. Suspected violation of pledge. Please return to the quarantine area immediately.”

There seemed to be no way to complain, “I’m on the move right now”, and he felt blue for a while when he was suspected of violating his pledge😂

Anyway, we are happy to be back home.