Day 2 of Forced Quarantine in Japan : Living on the Bed

Live like a Traveler

(↑Photograph of Alcatraz Island from Fisherman’s Wharf)

The room is filled with beds.
During forced quarantine, you cannot leave the room even one step, including meals.
Therefore, we spent all day on the bed.

About Living Space

The layout of the room given to two of us during the forced quarantine period.

We were assigned a twin room for two couples in one room.

The room is 14 square meters in size, with two beds about 120 centimeters wide, a large 50-inch LCD TV (wall-mounted), a chair and a stool, a small refrigerator and an air purifier of about the same size under a table, and a minimum size bathroom.

The space between the bed and the bed, and between the bed and the table, is about 40centimeters wide.
It is barely wide enough for one person to walk straight.

We also have two large and one small suitcases, which are stored under the beds.

Because of that kind of living environment, I also eat meals (bento box) distributed three times a day on the bed.
And I spend all my time on the bed, lying down, upside down, diagonally, and so on.
I play with the iPhone, computer, and sometimes watch a movie.

This situation is much better for us as a couple.
But for those who are alone, I think it is quite difficult.
Moreover, if you have to stay for six or ten days, the mental stress must be much greater than you can imagine.

The only time I look forward to a change in my day is at mealtime.
Three times a day, staff members hang meal bags on the doorknob in the hallway.
When the distribution to all rooms is completed, you will be notified by the in-house broadcast,
“Please put on your masks and take your meal bags.”
When we finish eating, we take our trash out into the hallway. We finish our meals at a surprisingly fast pace, and spend the rest of the day with no change until the next meal.

Preparation Before Forced Quarantine

Snacks prepared for three days of forced quarantine.

I’m usually more of an indoor person.
I often find myself in the house all day, but even I am somewhat depressed by this forced isolation.
I think outdoor people really need to prepare carefully.

I thought about the following in advance of this three-day quarantine.

  • Preparing snacks
  • Proceeding with the translation of this blog
  • Spending time in pajamas

If you think positively, it’s a great environment to concentrate without any interruptions.
If there’s anything that’s been bothering you that you normally don’t get around to, by all means, take this opportunity to get it done in one fell swoop!

I don’t think you can do laundry except by hand, so you need to prepare enough underwear for the number of nights you will be staying.

We are on day 2 today and have 3 days and 2 nights left.
The quarantine period does not include the day of arrival.
If you fly in early in the morning like we did, you can enter the facility in the morning of your arrival day. Effectively, that day is the first day in the isolation facility (we had three meals), but according to the rules, the next day is the first day.

Two more full days, let’s hold on!