“3 Days Forced Quarantine” has Begun, Skipping Christmas

Live like a Traveler

(↑Union Square Christmas Tree in San Francisco)

We took a midnight flight on Christmas Eve back to Tokyo from San Francisco.
Arrival at Haneda Airport is early morning on December 26th!
So, December 25 was offset by a 17-hour time difference, making this year the year that Christmas never came.
Immediately, we entered the quarantine hotel where we will spend for 3 days.

General Flow from Landing to Quarantine Hotel

After landing at Haneda Airport at 4:30am, we arrived at the quarantine facility at 9:30am after going through various checks at the airport. It took us a total of 5 hours, including the 30-minute travel time from Haneda Airport to the facility.

General Flow was as below↓

4:30We landed at Haneda Airport. Unloading international transit passengers first (only a few entering Japan).
4:50Submit and verify various documents in several locations ⇒ PCR Saliva Test ⇒ Confirm if the specified apps are installed and explanation of how to report our health condition using those apps
5:35Moved to waiting room to wait for PCR results
6:40I start to get nervous that we are not getting results.
6:47am It was pitch black when we arrived, but it’s getting brighter.
7:00An announcement was made, “Thank you for your patience, your test results are in.” Then the numbers were read out, but our numbers were skipped… We were asked if we wanted wifi and a TV in the quarantine room, and we answered that we needed wifi, so we were probably placed in the next group.
7:40Then waited another 40 minutes. Finally our numbers were also called. The PCR results are negative.
7:20am It’s getting brighter outside.
8:00Procedures for a group of 21 people have been completed.
8:10Immigration is finally done three and a half hours after arriving at Haneda. After that, we went through customs inspection and moved to the bus together.
8:40Huh? In the end, the bus departed without telling us where it was going until the end.
9:30And we’re in.

The inside of the airport is just like a Medical Examination Center.
Next is the inspection over there, next is the check here, and so on, it feels like passing through the points one after another. Today, I walked 4,000 steps in 5 hours at the airport.

There are so many people working to implement this process, from the airports to the quarantine facilities and the transportation in between.
I am deeply grateful to all of them.

Christmas Illumination

Christmas Illumination at Bellevue

The Christmas lights in the city of Bellevue, east of Seattle, were very beautiful.
I remembered how enchanted I was on the way to Jeremy’s house when we were invited for the dinner✨