Weekend in Pacific Heights & Japan Town : San Francisco


Two weeks have already passed since my husband and I arrived in San Francisco.
On weekdays, we stay in the hotel, so it’s no different from being in Tokyo, but on weekends, different scenery and new experiences are waiting for us, so we can feel the goodness of workation.


Well, it’s Friday🤩.
I realized that I haven’t eaten pizza once since I came to the US. This is unusual for us, a couple of pizza lovers.
We started researching last night for a good pizza place, and we were interested in a place called “Pizzeria Delfina“.

Pizzeria Delfina @ Pacific Heights : People were already lined up before the doors opened at 5pm!

It seems that there are two locations in San Francisco, the Mission District and Pacific Heights, but only Pacific Heights offers dine-in.
I tried to make a reservation online, but apparently it didn’t seem to accept the reservation.

Today, we had a Spicy Cauliflower and Pizza with prosciutto and arugula.
We thought we would have a meat dish if we could, but our stomachs were full enough, so we went straight to dessert. We ended the meal with affogato and dessert wine.
The biggest hit of the day for me was the after-dinner drink “Margerum Amaro” 🍷
It was very smooth and sweet, and I think the taste is very addictive.

Japan Town

A corner of Japan Town

Since we had some time before dinner, we went window shopping at the many charming shops and stores along Fillmore Street and also went to visit Japan Town.
Japan Town is a small area of about 10 hectares, but there are Japanese signs and Japanese stores all over the place, creating an exotic atmosphere.

Outside Tables

Restaurants in San Francisco require all customers dining-in to show their vaccination record.
So I thought that unvaccinated people were not allowed to eat or drink at any restaurants, but it seems some restaurants allow those people to dine at the outdoor tables.

Many restaurants and bars along Fillmore Street have such outdoor tables.

Weekends in line with Japan Time

While we are in the U.S., we take Friday afternoon to Sunday noon as our weekend off.
It’s an irregular rhythm because we work according to Japan time.
In the case of half-day off, it is difficult to switch.
It’s nice to be able to finish early on Fridays, but if we have to work from Sunday afternoon, we end our weekend on Saturday and change our mind.
I realized that a Sunday morning off is not very effective as a result.