Weekend in Noe Valley : San Francisco


On Saturday morning, the downtown streets and parks were full of people.
What should we do today? The first thing I always do is to look for a restaurant.
Looking at a map with several places I wanted to go, I chose an Italian restaurant in the Noe Valley area for no particular reason.

Muni Metro

Compared to Tokyo’s railway system, I always feel that the route map is simple no matter which city I visit.
To get to Noe Valley, I took the Muni Metro’s “J Line” (the orange Church Line).


The first thing I did was to get a Clipper Card, a card that allows me to take all public transportation in San Francisco (trains, buses, boats, etc.). The function of the card is the same as Suica and Pasmo in Tokyo.
You purchase the card with $20 ($3 of which is for the card), and when the balance is low, you charge it.

With Muni Metro, you just touch your card when you get on, and when you get off, you don’t have to do anything, and the fare is $2.5 per ride regardless of the distance. The rules around here are the same as for the buses in Tokyo.

Transfer to Muni Metro “J line” at Market St. & Church St.

The total train ride took about 20 minutes, and we arrived at our destination in about 30 minutes, including waiting time for transfer.
The atmosphere changed quickly from downtown to a residential area that seemed comfortable to live in.

Until the dinner reservation time, I wanted to see the townscape, so we went up and down steep slopes and took a stroll around. There were very few people walking around other than us, so we are looked like suspicious people😂
It’s a residential area, so we couldn’t find any other place to kill time, so we ended up waiting at the cafe for about an hour.

La Ciccia

“La Ciccia” is located on the first floor of a cozy small building nestled between two houses.

I was thinking “let’s decide the entree after eating the appetizer and pasta”, but as expected, the portion of one plate was large, so we skipped the entree and ended up with dessert (non-sweet choice) + dessert wine.

The baby octopus stew was unexpectedly spicy but memorably delicious.
And the squid ink fresh fettuccine was as good as expected, making for an overall satisfying dinner.

On the way back, it was getting dark, so we decided not to take the train and took an Uber back to the hotel.