How To Get Correct and Updated Information During Pandemic

Live like a Traveler

If I had stayed in Japan, I would not have cared so much.
Following yesterday, I spent another day at the mercy of information.

What Happens Tomorrow?

It’s December 3rd here in San Francisco, and it’s cloudy for the first time since I arrived.
When I woke up this morning, my husband said, “I received the email that the Japanese government has withdrawn the suspension of new international flight reservations.”
I said, “What?”
I wonder what’s going on with the suspension just one day after it started.

Yesterday, I was in a group chat with my college friends like following,
“Are you coming back?”
“When can you come back?”
“We have flight tickets, so we’ll be back by the end of December as planned!”
“That’s good to hear!”

We already had our tickets, so it was fine, but I’m sure people who were about to get their tickets for the end of the year for some reasons, must have been really shocked to suddenly not be allowed to enter their own country.

In the midst of all this, the Consulate General of Los Angeles has sent us new information as it did yesterday.

Good news!! We’re free from three days of “forced quarantine”😁

It was a brief event that we were pleased with that, and we received a new email 40 minutes later.

As they decided yesterday, a three-day “forced quarantine” is necessary.
What’s wrong with the Japanese government?

No, no, I think it is really hard for those who have to make policy decisions with no foreseeable future. My best wishes!

I Miss the Farm

I wondered what’s going on in the fields of Onjuku?
The last time I went there was two weeks ago. Since then, I’ve enjoyed watching the turnips, fava beans, and the longer narrower radishes grow even more on the Instagram that Yuriko has been uploading.

I’ll be there as soon as I return home and the quarantine is over!

I thinning Daikon Radishes and transplanted them to the next row on November 20. I wonder if they’re growing?
I gave my mom a radish, and she made a beautiful plate!