A Day Trip Between Tokyo and Onjuku

Between Two Cities

Today is the third time I’ve made a day trip between Tokyo and Onjuku since I started living in two locations.
In the morning, I leave Tokyo Station at 9:01am and arrive at Onjuku Station at 10:21am, and I leave Ojuku Station at 5:09pm and arrive back at Tokyo Station at 6:40pm in the evening.
My staying time is about 7 hours.

Today’s Onjuku

Onjuku with autumn clouds

I looked up at the sky and saw scaly clouds, which is very autumn, all over the sky. I couldn’t help but snap a picture.📷
However, with today’s strong winds in Onjuku, such clouds were completely swept away after 30 minutes.

At Iwawada Beach, the tall palm trees are swaying in the strong southwest wind, and every tree is “turning right” together.
It was a quiet day, with no surfers or walkers in the strong winds.

Palm trees at Iwawada Beach

What To Do in the Gap Time?

I had some stuff to do in the afternoon, and for that purpose I took a day trip to Onjuku today.
When I was wondering what I should do with the time in between my errands, I thought,
“Oh, Yes! Let’s go to the vegetable garden!”
So I quickly took my gloves and boots and went to the fields.

First harvest at Toriihara Vegetable Garden, Radish

First, I went to Toriihara’s vegetable garden.
I thought, “Wow, the radishes are peeking out from the soil,” so I picked up some good-sized ones and gave them to Mr. Toriihara, who was letting us use his garden.
He wasn’t home at the time, so I made a plate of leaves and put the radishes on it at the entrance.

The Chinese cabbage is covered in insect bites. Still, it’s getting bigger!
Wasabi greens grown from seedlings as well as Chinese cabbage. This one is resistant to insects!

Next, I took a glimpse at the Takiguchi vegetable garden.
As usual, there was poor drainage and a lot of weeds. But it’s become so familiar to me that I don’t mind it anymore.
The big event was the sprouting of the bright fava bean from the seeds.

fava bean seeds
The fava beans have sprouted!
Japanese pampas grass fluttering in strong winds

Time To Return

Sunset sky at Onjuku Station at around 5pm

Time flies!
After a seven-hour stay, it was time to take the limited express, Wakashio, back home.
By 5pm, it was already starting to get dark with the sunset sky.

Today was a peaceful day in Onjuku, with far fewer people, which was also nice.