Between Two Cities : Calm Weekends in Tokyo

Between Two Cities

Until a few months ago, spending time in Tokyo was an usual weekends.
My husband and I had a routine, walk around 10km watching the rapidly changing skyline of Tokyo, decide the meal of the day depending on our mood, and relax while watching a movie.

I found myself seeking new experiences in the countryside in a much more active way since we started living in two locations, so such a quiet life in Tokyo was forgotten.

Events Cancelled on Short Notice

Last weekend, we had planned to spend Friday through Sunday in Onjuku and Minami-Boso, but due to an emergency on Friday morning, we had to cancel all plans at a moment’s notice and stay in Tokyo.

Positional relationship between Onjuku Station and YAMANA HOUSE (Miyoshi, Minamiboso City)

From early morning on Saturday, I was planning to participate in a trial of the monthly activity held at the sharing undeveloped woodland area “YAMANA HOUSE” in Miyoshi, Minamiboso City.

From Onjuku to YAMANA HOUSE, it seems that it takes 1 hour and 18 minutes in total to go south along the sea to Kamogawa City and then enter the mountain.

It is a place where people who mainly live in Tokyo can experience country life on weekends, and it seems that they are doing various activities and events.
I will definitely participate in the revenge next year!

Then on Sunday, we were scheduled to have a meeting, weed in the Onjuku vegetable garden, and participate in a marché in the Fuse, the mountain side of Onjuku.

I am so sorry to everyone who was promised that I had to cancel.🙏

Quiet Weekend in Tokyo

From an image, a “weekend in the countryside” seems more peaceful, relaxing, and quieter than a “weekend in the city,” away from the hustle and bustle of the city.
However, now that we are actively moving in the countryside in search of connections, the element of “movement” is far greater than the element of “stillness,” and busy weekends have become the norm.

In the midst of all this, last weekend was the first time in a long time that I felt relaxed and experienced a quiet weekend morning in Tokyo.
My husband and I even went for a walk together for the first time in several months.

I have felt that the number of anglers has been gradually increasing over the past few years, but this time, I was struck by the large number of young people.
Then there is the vast outdoor barbecue plaza, which seems to have been developed in time for the Tokyo Olympics. Ever since it opened, I’ve never seen a crowded scene due to the pandemic. When I passed by for the first time in a while, I was somewhat relieved to see it being used by many people in the clear autumn weather.

Belgian Beer Weekend

About 70% past the walking route, we found a Belgian beer event. 🍺
I remembered a friend of mine who is a certified Beer Meister telling me about it!

This was the first weekend of our first change of plans since we started living in two locations.
We unpacked our bags of stuff and recreated an old routine weekend.