Beautiful Autumn Day : Iwawada, Onjuku


I returned to Tokyo on Sunday night, and after spending 4 days in Tokyo, I took the first train to Onjuku on Friday morning.
I asked to myself, “What did I do in Tokyo this week?” The day to go to Onjuku came so quickly.

Tokyo 7:15 departure, the first Wakashio in the morning

The first Wakashio in the morning, many people get off at Mobara Station

Recently, I feel that the occupancy rate of the limited express train Wakashio is increasing.
I was surprised to see that there were quite a few people on the Wakashio train leaving Tokyo at 7:15am this morning!

At night, the trains become empty after Soga station which is almost the middle between Tokyo and Onjuku, but in this train, the number of people increased slightly from Soga. And many people got off at Mobara station which is almost the middle between Soga and Onjuku.

And we arrived at Onjuku station at 8:39 am. This one took 84 minutes.

Arrival at Onjuku station! You can see a Japanese landscape used to be.

Our Standard Menu

Today’s lunch was at Tsuruno Sushi.
Both my husband and I always order the same thing. We are both the type of people who repeat the same thing over and over again.
I ordered scattered sushi (superior) and my husband ordered tuna bowl (superior).

Scenic Viewpoint at Mexico Memorial Park

Today, architect Michiko Okano and structural engineer Tomonori Kawada visited us from Tokyo for a structural survey of a certain building.
We stopped by the Mexico Memorial Tower and a viewpoint about five minutes up the mountain.

Seeing the ocean spread out below us, we felt the roundness of the earth, and I hope they had a brief moment of refreshment in the midst of nature.

Thanks to our short trip to the observatory, we happened to be able to check the condition of the waterproofing on the roof of the target building.
We all said, “Lucky me! It’s a good thing we came here” which is showing the strength of our luck in an unexpected way.

Koura Coast Again

Large garbage bags scattered around the tunnel at Koura Beach

After Mr.Kawada left, Ms.Okano and I went to Koura Beach.
When I came here five days ago, we found a lot of plastic trash washed up on the beach.

There were some large garbage bags thrown away at the end of the unlined tunnel, and I wondered why they were there. Since there are so many of them, I decided to consult with the cleaning center of Onjuku town later.
And today, I decided to pick up the plastic trash on the beach, which would be washed back into the ocean.

I picked up a bag of garbage such as plastic bottles, glass bottles, and styrofoam.

Koura Coast is a place that can be reached by walking about 700m on a grass road like an unpaved forest road.
Therefore, I had to carry out the garbage manually, so I ended up with one bag today.

Handing over the garbage bag to the staff of the Onjuku Town Cleaning Center

Then I went straight to the Onjuku Town Cleaning Center and said,
“It’s the garbage I picked up at Koura Beach,” and they said,
“Thanks for your help,” and took it away.
I feel sorry that I couldn’t separate plastic and glass🙏

Again, I enjoyed myself to the fullest in Iwawada while appreciating the nature there.