One Day Activity #02 : Iwawada, Onjuku


There is no activities provided besides marine sports in Iwawada, Onjuku.
So I planned for friends to enjoy the sea/beach life even for those who do not do marine sports such as fishing and surfing.

Beach Yoga

Yuriko, a gardening friend, was a weekend yoga teacher in Tokyo before moving to Onjuku.
The coast of Onjuku / Iwawada is a beautiful white-sand beach and I always thought it became definitely a perfect yoga spot. So I asked Yuriko to hold a beach yoga on Sunday morning, October 24th.

One hour Yoga at the beach of Iwawada on Sunday morning

I was a little worried because it became cold suddenly from about a week ago, but I was blessed with the most pleasant weather on the day and was able to get off to a refreshing start from the morning.

When I opened my eyes after closing my eyes for a while in a yoga pose, the color of the sea water spreading in front of me was even more vivid than the blue I had seen so far.
It’s a breathtaking view and nice new discovery.

Relaxing and chatting after Yoga

After feeling the connection between body and mind with yoga for about an hour, I sat on the beach for a while and chatted with friends and had a relaxing time.
Today’s participants other than teacher Yuriko are a total of 8 people, Yuri and her sister who live in Iwawada, Fumio and Rieko living in Onjuku, Eiko from Yokosuka, Jeremy and Ayaka from Tokyo and me.

Particularly, I was happy that my junior high school friend Rieko also joined us as I have few local friends in my hometown😂

Pacific cruising on a boat


The same members (plus 2 people) moved to the fishing port and had them ride on the Yoshimaru which just came back from fishing and went on a cruise to the Pacific Ocean for about 20 minutes.

View of Onjuku coast from the ocean
View of Iwawada area from the ocean

Fish shares

Yoshimaru’s customers are aiming for high quality fishes such as black gnomefish (Kuromutsu), hairy stingfish (Onikasago), and Niphon spinosus (Ara) to go fishing offshore.
Therefore, even if they caught a lot of Hyperoglyphe japonica (medai), they couldn’t bring it home, so they shared medai with all of us.

For our dinner, my mom made sashimi, carpaccio and fried fish.

That’s all for the morning activities.

Mexico Memorial Tower

We were heading to the Mexico Memorial Tower, a classic spot in Iwawada, Onjuku in the afternoon.

Overlooking Iwawada Fishing Port and Ajiro Bay from the Mexico Memorial Park

It was a beautiful landscape that was very calm on this day as usual.

Koura Coast

After the Mexico Memorial Park, we went to the Koura coast for the third time this year for me.

Lots of plastic garbage has been washed up with seaweed. (as of Oct 24, 2021)
It was very beautiful 3 months ago at the same place. (as of July 15, 2021)

Koura coast was very beautiful on July 15th when I first came. After that, I felt a little disappointed because there were a lot of seaweed after the typhoon when I came on October 5th.
And this time on October 24th, a lot of plastic trash was washed up mixed with seaweed.
I wanted a garbage bag and a garbage picking tong.

(↓Later, I came to pick up the trash here! )

You can experience such an extraordinary feeling as if you were on a vacation to a small island somewhere far away.