One Day Activity #01 : Autumn in Onjuku

Onjuku Town

For the past four and a half months, I have started living between two cities and have more time to spend in Onjuku, so I have more opportunities to talk with various people here, which is nice!
Under such circumstances, “The closeness of the sea and mountains in Onjuku” that I had never been aware of before.
Quite a lot of people say that when expressing Onjuku, so I think it may be true, and I may have gradually come to have that feeling.

Play with the nature in Onjuku

Onjuku Area Range (red frame part) and some spots we visited on October 24

The area of Onjuku Town is about 25 square kilometers.
It is a compact town that can be reached almost anywhere from end to end in 5 km because of its terrain like the above.
Along the JR railroad tracks (white and black line), the west side is roughly divided into the “mountain” area and the east side is roughly divided into the “sea” area.

On Saturday, October 23, we spent time on both the mountain side and the sea side of Onjuku Town with a lot of friends.

8:00-9:30Weeding and thinning work at Onjuku Garden #1
9:40-12:00Setting up the garden netting anti-beast fence and sowing seed at Onjuku Garden #2
14:00-15:30Team1 Horseback riding at Farm Resort Onjuku
Team2 Fishing at Iwawada fishing port
16:00-17:00Coastal walk at Iwawada Beach
17:00-19:00Dinner at Shokichi (Chinese restaurant)

Please see below for the articles of Onjuku vegetable gardening in the same day morning.

Horseback Riding

I have never been horseback riding in Onjuku, but I went to “Farm Resort Onjuku” because an architect friend Mr. Bando and his daughter, who came to visit us from Tokyo in the afternoon, like horses.

Koto-chan and a pony named “blueberry”
Mr. Bando, a horse named “Andy” and trainer Ms. Shindo

I was working in the fields in the morning, so my body temperature rose and I felt warm, but Farm Resort Onjuku is located on the mountain side, and the sun only hits in the morning, so it’s completely chilly at 2:00 pm.
It’s about 10 minutes by car from Iwawada (beach side), but I was surprised that the temperature was quite different.

From the mountain to the sea!

After riding a horse, we went to the sea and took a walk on the beach of Iwawada, watching Koto-chan run along with the movement of the waves.
It is the second half of October, so you can see the sunset sky before 5pm.

Fishing team

Fishing at Iwawada fishing port
Fishing record of Ayaka & Toshi

While we went horseback riding, Aoki family and Ayaka were fishing at the Iwawada fishing port.
It seems that three small blowfish were caught. (The caught blowfish is released.)

Dinner with everyone

We had a dinner party with everyone who spent the day together and Mr. and Mrs. Yasuda who got on a boat and yoga together the next day and Jeremy, an international student who stayed at our Tokyo House from January to April this year, at the Chinese restaurant “Shokichi” in Iwawada.

Aoki family going back to the guest house after dinner in Iwawada

It was a wonderful autumn day with a lot of activities and friends together.
We really enjoyed the sea and mountains of Onjuku and appreciate nature around us.