Onjuku Gardening Club -Day5 : Kids and Nature

Onjuku Gardening

On Saturday, October 23, the members’ friends also participated in the 5th Onjuku Vegetable Gardening Club, and it was a very lively gathering.

Please click here for an introduction to those who participated.

Thinning Seedings

Many of the vegetables that we sowed two weeks ago in the Toriihara vegetable garden have sprouted, so we thinned them out.

Photo by Izumi Ogawa
Photo by Izumi Ogawa

We all did the thinning work in silence, very seriously.
It was the first time for us to thin out the seedings, so we thought too much about Remi’s advice to thin out the seedings so that the sun would shine on them, and we were too cautious😂

Anti Beast Protection Net

Photo by Izumi Ogawa

In the Takiguchi vegetable garden, we put up anti beast protection nets around the field to protect the plants from the Chinese muntjac.
We tried to imitate the neighbor’s field, but the sticks were a little too thin, and we were worried that the sticks might fall down if a Chinese muntjac attacked.
In the meantime, Riku used his face and body to investigate the strength of the net😁


Kids and Nature

It was a weekend when I realized that “children’s work is to play”.
If they see the mud, they will jump in without hesitation, if they see the insects, they will catch them without hesitation, and if they see the sea, they will be barefoot and enter the water.
Kids are really professional about playing with nature and animals.

Riku’s first words after arriving that day were “earthworms”.
It was great to finally see earthworms in the second field.