Onjuku Gardening Club -Day5 : A lot of friends joined!

Onjuku Gardening

It’s been a month and a half since we started our vegetable gardening club in Onjuku.
We get together every other week to weed, till, and sow seeds while chatting. Although we are a group of beginners, we are having fun with the help of a local master.

On Saturday, October 23, our members’ friends also participated in the 5th Onjuku Vegetable Gardening Club, and it was a very lively gathering.
I had been worried about the weather for the past two weeks, as I had packed a lot of events into last weekend.
It had been raining heavily until midnight the day before, which made me nervous until the last minute, but I was blessed with a beautiful sunny day that blew my worries away.

Participants today

In addition to the usual members, Yuriko, Chika, my husband and myself, seven people came to help, including three kids & baby.
As a special guest, Izumi, who lives in Onjuku, came to take pictures of us working in the vegetable garden.
Izumi has been taking pictures of people who are involved in activities to revitalize the community, as well as various people who live in Onjuku, and she herself is contributing to the revitalization of Onjuku town.

Front:Ayaka, Back:Moe(photo by Izumi)

Chika’s friend Moe, who moved to Onjuku, and my ex-colleague, Ayaka, who came from Tokyo, are seriously working on the thinning work.
Both of them are new to the vegetable gardening, but they came to help with interest.

Parent and child, Lemi & Liku(photo by Izumi)

And here are Yuriko’s friends, Lemi and her son Liku. They also came from Tokyo.
Lemi, who knows more about vegetable gardening than any of us, gave us a lecture on how to thin out.
Liku was looking for worms and that’s what he’s here for today!

Aoki family:from left, Toshi, Eiko+Ryo on the back, Aokki

And here are my friends, the Aoki family. They came across Tokyo Bay from Yokosuka.
Ryo, who is 5 months baby, made his debut in the field.

Izumi who took pictures of us

Izumi helps us with weeding and thinning work while taking pictures.

Time flies

It starts at 8am on Saturday and breaks up at 12pm!
We usually work with four people, but today we had twice as many people, so we were able to proceed quickly and finish the work on schedule.
Thank you to everyone who helped us. Please look forward to the harvest.

See the next article for more pictures of the work and the cute kids!