Required for Travel between San Francisco and Tokyo


It seems like a lie when I was on an airplane like a train.
A few years ago, I used to go back and forth across the ocean every week, so with a passport and one credit card, I could easily go anywhere.

What you need for “Tokyo to San Francisco”

To enter San Francisco from Tokyo, my husband and I need the following two things other than our passports. (as of October 19, 2021)

1) Attestation
2) COVID-19 negative certificate obtained within 3 days of departure
  (No prescribed format)

In Hawaii and Los Angeles, in addition to the above, it is necessary to pre-register for the designated program and pre-declare to the designated format.
It was still good in San Francisco.

That said, the COVID-19 negative certificate is required both on the way there and back, so it’s not a cheap expense.
Last year, when my husband went to Hawaii, the cost was about 25,000 (approx. 220 USD) yen per person at Shiba International Clinic.

That was last December, so I did a search hoping that the price would have dropped a bit after almost a year, but not much has changed.
The only new service that I found was “PCR test with negative certificate valid for entring the U.S. by simply collecting saliva at home and mailing it in.”

What I am worried about is that it is a “negative certificate obtained within 3 days of departure”, and I cannot travel if there is a mailing problem. When I made an inquiry by phone, it was said that such troubles had never occurred in the past.
The procedure from inspection to obtaining and showing a certificate is as follows.

  • In the morning 3 days before departure, online medical examination + saliva collection
  • In the afternoon 3 days before departure, send the saliva sample to the clinic (Osaka). If you send a Yu-Pack from Tokyo to Osaka, it will arrive in the morning two days before departure.
  • Receive the results by email within 6 to 24 hours after the saliva sample arrives at the clinic. Results will be obtained in the afternoon two days before departure at the earliest, and in the morning the day before departure at the latest.
  • You do not need to show it on paper when traveling to the United States, and show the PDF at the check-in counter.

Oh, so the essential fee is 15,950 yen (approx. 140 USD) per person.
I have a little over a month left before my departure, so I’ll have to wait and see.

↓Actual experience at the time of departure (as of November 26, 2021)↓

Vaccination Certificate

Just in case, my husband and I got a vaccination certificate early after vaccination in August, but apparently in the United States, Japanese vaccination certificate were said to be just a piece of paper.

However, since November 8, it has been a condition for entering the U.S. that the foreigners must have been fully vaccinated, so our advance preparation paid off.

What you need for “San Francisco to Tokyo”

And the following four things are needed when coming back to Japan from the US. That’s two more than I needed on my way home. (as of October 19, 2021)

1) Attestation
2) COVID-19 Negative Certificate Obtained Within 72 Hours of Departure(Prescribed format)
3) Install the specified application
4) Answer the questionnaire on the designated site

As for the negative certificate at the time of returning to Japan, there is a prescribed format of the Japanese government, so basically you will go to one of the following three clinics. The fee is about 350 USD per person.

Thanks to the gradual establishment of such a new system in this short period of time, I think that I can travel with a little peace of mind.