October Beach Cleanup Day in Onjuku

Beach Cleanup

Yesterday, when I heard on the local public broadcasting that the third Sunday of every month is the day for cleaning up the town, I decided to go right away, as I was always interested in cleaning up the beach.

About to Start Raining.

The sky around 7am

The town cleanup was supposed to start at 8am.
It had started raining heavily last night. But I’m sure I’ll be fine because I’m a sunny girl! As I believed, it stopped raining around 7 am.

With boots and gloves for the vegetable garden, and the trash tong I bought yesterday, we went to the Iwawada beach with my husband. They were going to clean the beach in the Iwawada area on this day.

Are there only surfers here?

Iwawada Beach at around 8am.

There seemed to be no one here but surfers.
As I was wandering around, a mini truck with a sticker of Onjuku Town came by. There were garbage bags and cleaning tools piled up in the back.

When I asked the lady who got out of the truck about the situation, she told us that “today’s town cleanup has been cancelled” due to bad weather.
It seems that I was not the only one who could not hear the public broadcast, and many inquiries were sent to the town office.

Environmental Services Staff

After standing there for a while chatting, Ms. Kanjo (I found out her name later), an environmental services staff, accepted my desire to clean up the beach and gave us a blue garbage bag, and the three of us went around the beach to clean up Iwawada Beach.

We picked up mainly artificial trash (plastic, glass, cigarettes, nets, string, etc.) that would not return to nature.

On the way, a surfer came up from the sea and brought me a plastic bag containing about 2 kg of fertilizer. I felt how wonderful it was that people would naturally join in such a small activity.

After about 30-40 minutes, it started to rain, so we stopped cleaning, handed the trash we had picked up to Ms. Kanjo, and said goodbye, “See you next month!

Ms. Kanjo was very efficient and positive in her cleaning work, even on her own. It was a refreshing and clean start to the morning to meet a truly wonderful person.