What Do I Want to Do in the Next Trip Abroad?


It’s already October, time flies so fast!!
After the coronavirus pandemic, it has become a “new normal” that we can’t go abroad so easily.
Finally, we will go to the United States for the first time in about two years.

Finding a Place to Stay

2006 American film “The Holiday”

Do you remember the American film called “The holiday” in 2006?
A romantic comedy film about a “Home Exchange” where two lovelorn women living in the United States and the United Kingdom who arrange a home exchange to escape heartbreak during the Christmas holiday season.

This is my favorite movie and I’ve watched it more than 10 times over and over again.

Well, in the next trip, I’m fantasizing about trying “Home Exchange”.

Home Exchange

First of all, I googled to find out what kind of services are available in the real world.
Immediately, I found “Love Home Swap” and thought it looks good!
Soon, I applied to a trial.

I’ve uploaded some photos of our Tokyo House and skipped writing explanations of the details about the house and neighborhoods.
This time, we are staying in the west coast of the United States for a month, or three months at the longest, so I looked at houses around San Francisco and registered some as “favorites”.

I tried the work up to this point three weeks ago, but after that, there were various other things to do, and it was left untouched…😔

During that time, I received messages from two people in the United States and the United Kingdom as follows.

From Seattle, Washington, USA
"I want to travel to Japan for about 10 days in April, 2022."  
From Wembley on the south coast of Devon, UK
"We want to travel to Japan for about 2 weeks in July or August next year."

I was impressed by the fact that everyone decides on their future trip plans from an early stage, compared to myself, who always makes travel plans at the last minute.

I can’t just leave it alone any longer.

Let’s confirm the departure date first!

To exchange a house, I have to schedule not only me but also my husband.
Let’s make a serious decision on the plan to go to the United States, which I procrastinated.

Then, when I asked my husband’s schedule, he said straight away that it would be difficult during November…
I would like to enter the United States in November, so I wonder if the dream of “home exchange” will be broken already?

I would like to confirm the rough schedule this weekend and start searching for a place to stay seriously.