Zero Waste Plan | First Step

Zero Waste

About 4 months before we started our trial of living in two locations, Tokyo and Onjuku, I also started to think about living a zero-waste lifestyle.
I don’t think there’s anything to say, “Why now?”
If you don’t start when you think, you just won’t do it for the rest of your life.


First Step-#01 | Wine Bottle

My husband and I both love to drink.
As such, our family empties a bottle of wine almost every day, so we frequently had to take out the garbage for the bottles.

So, first of all, I searched for the keyword “Bulk Everyday Wine, Tokyo” in an attempt to reduce the amount of waste from bottles, and found out that Chateraise sells fresh wine by weight in barrels.
The initial bottle fee is about 1.50USD, but after that, if you bring a bottle, they’ll fill it for about 7.50USD per bottle, which is more reasonable than buying bottles. And it’s good enough for us who aren’t too picky about taste!

I learned for the first time that there is a Chateraise in Tokyo as well. I bought only the first two bottles in Tokyo, but after that I lived in two places between Tokyo and Onjuku, so I buy the amount to drink that week at the Chateraise Ohara store in the neighboring town of Onjuku, bring it back to Tokyo, and then bring the empty bottles back to Onjuku.

Because we don’t have a car, and although the Chateraise Ginza store is close by, it’s a hassle to walk or take the train with several bottles of wine. So, at Chateraise Ohara store, we use a mom’s car, go shopping, get a ride to Onjuku station, and take a cab from Tokyo station to home. It is less burdensome to bring it in.

First Step-#02 | Empty Contact Lens Case

I use one-day contact lenses.
The other day, when I went to buy contact lenses, I learned about the eye city eco-project and immediately started collecting empty cases.

First Step-#03 | Shirt Collar Keeper

Another thing I trash every day is a shirt collar keeper.
I used to take the hangers for recycling, but I threw away the collar keeper.
Recently, it has changed to collect and bring it.

First Step-#04 | Visualization

Visualization of the amount of garbage thrown away

After all, “visualization” is important for improvement.
By doing this, you will be able to see the next challenge! I think that the number of times to throw away the trash has decreased considerably just by putting this up.

I’m thinking of “composting” as my next step, but I’ve been struggling with the insects for a while.

First Step-#05 | Became a Member of Seikatsu Club

Recommended by a friend, I became a member of Seikatsu Club.
If you order online by Thursday, it will arrive the next Wednesday evening, but I’m not used to that cycle yet.
The egg case is paper and can be returned. You can also reuse bottles such as soy sauce, mirin (sweet cooking sake), and all-purpose soup base, etc.

I want to find new initiatives little by little and continue while having fun!