Fieldwork vol.03 : SIT students in Iwawada, Onjuku


This article is the third volume of Iwawada, Onjuku fieldwork conducted with Associate Professor Okano and her students studying Architecture at Shibaura Institute of Technology (SIT) on October 5th.
For your reference, below is a series of articles.

Interview with Area Representative

Briefing on the history and outline of Iwawada from Mayor Kihara

After a quick lunch, Mayor Kihara of the Iwawada district gave a brief explanation of the history and outline of Iwawada.
After that, Mr. Hatanaka, the head of the Fisheries Cooperative Association, answered the questions that the students had thought in advance.

Walkthrough the area & buildings

Students walking around the Ogimachi area of Iwawada

They left the bicycles and walked around Iwawada for a while.
The task given to the students this time is to derive a solution to the problem from an architectural point of view in the Iwawada area, which has a declining birthrate and an aging population and problems with vacant houses and facilities.
It highlights the intersection points between people who have lived in Iwawada for a long time, migrants who have just started living, and various different residents such as fishermen, surfers, child-rearing generations, and the elderly. And they will think about what kind of facility has what function in which place, which will lead to regional revitalization.

Iwawada handmade club making dolls for the local festival held in February, 2022

They also conducted an interview with the ladies over 60s who have lived in Iwawada for a long time gathering at Iwawada community center, where they work on the handmade dolls for the local festival which will be held from February 2022. (See images for the work)

Interview with local old and new residents

Conduct an interview at the terrace of Guest House “Hamayoshi”

At the end, we held a last interview with randomly gather old and new local residents for about an hour and a half.
The owner of “Hamayoshi“, who has been running a guest house for many years at a location 1-2 minutes walking distance from the Iwawada beach, was willing to provide the place and participate in the interview.

In addition, the people who participated in this interview were Mr. and Mrs. Yasuda, who are migrants to Iwawada and surfers, Yuriko who moved to an apartment near Onjuku station this year and a member of the garden circle, Mr. Konno who runs a mobile coffee shop and moved to Onjuku about a year ago, Mr. Kitamura who moved to Onjuku about 12 years ago and is working hard to revitalize the town as a congressman, and us who started living between two places in Tokyo and Onjuku.

The answers to the question “What would you like in Iwawada, Onjuku?” is as follows.

  • Bakery 
  • Cafe
  • Flower Shop
  • Hot springs (the demand for surfers is high)
  • Library (meaning a place that can stimulate intellectual curiosity from children to the elderly)

A day in no time

It’s time for Wakashio, the limited express returning to Tokyo.
I am really grateful to many people for their time today! !! Thank you very much.
After this, it will take about a few months to prepare the presentation of their solution based on what they saw and heard in the fieldwork.

I’m looking forward to it!!

October 5th Sunset after fieldwork in Onjuku (Photo by Yuriko)