Beaches in Onjuku and Zaimokuza After Typhoon

Between Two Cities

The days when the state of emergency was lifted all over Japan for the first time in a while have begun!
We visited Fujisawa on October 2, and then took a walk from the coast of Zaimokuza to Kamakura.
It was crowded with many people and enjoyed the slightly late summer time as if everyone was regaining this summer.

Which is Onjuku or Zaimokuza?

As I was walking along the coastal street in Zaimokuza, I thought to myself,
“Huh? There is something familiar about this scenery.”
From the appearance of the mountains to the proportions of the sea and the beach, it’s exactly the same as the Iwawada Beach in my hometown of Onjuku.
Convinced by arranging both photos side by side!
On the left is Zaimokuza, and on the right is a photo of the coastline of Iwawada in Onjuku.

The Beach in Onjuku

Onjuku Central Beach on October 3rd.

This weekend, the Onjuku Central Beach is crowded with many visitors for the first time in a long time because there is a “National Japanese Student Life Saving Championship”.

My host mother Sharon and the beach of Onjuku (September 2010)

About 10 years ago, when my host mother came to visit from California, there was a lifesaving competition going on and Sharon was a very sociable person who would talk to anyone and everyone she met. I remembered that she started talking to the Australian coach of one of the teams and couldn’t stop for a while😂

The beach of Onjuku is crowded with surfers on October 3rd.

In the past few years, the number of surfers has been increasing.
The beach in Onjuku is filled with surfers.

Town parking lot on October 3.

The town parking lot along the coast, which had been closed for a while due to the pandemic, seems to be open.

Yuriko took some photos of today's Onjuku and sent them to me! 

The Beach in Zaimokuza

Children returning from the beach on October 2nd.

It was October, but the temperature was almost 30 degrees Celsius, and the state of emergency had been lifted, so we saw quite a few unseasonal people who enjoy swimming.

Zaimokuza Terrace on October 2nd.
Zaimokuza Beach on October 2nd.

While Onjuku was crowded with people who wanted to participate in events and surfers, Zaimokuza was more like a park in the city, a place where people could take a break and refresh themselves.