Beautiful Autumn Day : Iwawada, Onjuku

Return to Tokyo on Sunday night, spend four days in Tokyo, and then head to Onjuku on Friday morning's first limited express Wakashio. The day of Onjuku will come so quickly that you won't know what you did in Tokyo. I went around Iwawada again in the pleasant autumn weather.

One Day Activity #02 : Iwawada, Onjuku

In Iwawada, where I was born and brought up, I planned one day activity that even people who do not surf or fish can enjoy!! Gather on Sunday morning to start the day with beach yoga, then went on a cruise around the Pacific Ocean. Also, we visited the Mexico Memorial Tower and Koura coast.
Onjuku Town

One Day Activity #01 : Autumn in Onjuku

The area of Onjuku Town is about 25 square kilometers, so it is a very compact town, about 10-15 minutes by car from one end to the other. Introducing a day where we can fully enjoy the sea and mountains of Onjuku.
Onjuku Gardening

Onjuku Gardening Club -Day5 : Kids and Nature

On Saturday, October 23, we had our 5th Onjuku Vegetable Gardening Club. We did weeding and thinning in the Toriihara vegetable garden, and put up anti beast protection nets and sowed seeds in the Takiguchi vegetable garden. The members' friends came to join us, and it was a lively field work.
Onjuku Gardening

Onjuku Gardening Club -Day5 : A lot of friends joined!

It was the 5th Onjuku vegetable gardening club on Saturday, October 23rd. Friends of each member also came from Onjuku, Tokyo, and Yokosuka, and enjoyed farming with a large number of people.

Required for Travel between San Francisco and Tokyo

Until a few years ago, I used to fly across the ocean every week like a train. Now, besides the passport, there are many paperwork that must be done, such as COVID-19 negative certificate and Attestation. We have started preparing for San Francisco in November.
Beach Cleanup

October Beach Cleanup Day in Onjuku

In the town of Onjuku, the third Sunday of every month is the day for the town cleanup. In the Iwawada area, it was a beach cleanup, and I was excited to go there because I had always wanted to try it. Actually, the event was cancelled just before it started due to bad weather, but I didn't notice and went there and cleaned the beach.

Happy Sharing Community in Countryside

When we are at my parent's house, there are many days when many people bring them their share of food in a day. Since we started living in two locations, we have been able to take advantage of this, and we hope to be able to share our own food soon.
Zero Waste

Zero Waste Plan | Next Step

I have started five specific initiatives to reduce my waste, and I am thinking about what I can do in addition. In order to avoid forcing myself to start something that I will not be able to continue, I will focus on things that I can enjoy doing and feel comfortable with.
Onjuku Gardening

Onjuku Gardening Club -Day4 : Cultivator debut!

Of the two vegetable gardens we rented, we worked on the full-scale field on October 10th. It was a really fun day to experience new things such as cultivating the fields, mixing fertilizer, and making ridges. Big thanks to all the people supported us in Onjuku!!