Tokyo : Life in the Concrete Jungle


This time, I stayed in Onjuku for a whole week.
I always feel that no matter where I live, when I go back to a place after a long absence, it instantly brings back a sense of freshness and brightness.

When I go to Onjuku after being in Tokyo for a while, my senses are delighted by the scent of the tide, the gentle atmosphere, the green of the mountains, the blue of the sea when I get off at the station and the warmth of the people.
On the other hand, if I stay in Ojuku for a while and then go to Tokyo, I can concentrate on myself in the crowded environment of the concrete jungle.

I often hear that “who you spend your time with” is more important than “where you live”, but I think that I’m always getting power from every place I stay.

Life Between…

Although the surrounding environment is very different between Tokyo and Onjuku, our lifestyle is not so different since we do not eat out at night after the COVID-19 pandemic.
Last year, we started a vegetable garden on the rooftop in Tokyo, which is surrounded by concrete.

We were surprised at how fast the cucumbers grew.
It was supposed to be a medium-sized tomato, but a mini tomato
We ate a lot of basil spaghetti and Gapao.

We also tried to grow eggplants, corn, coriander, bell peppers, arugula, etc., but we gave up on the way because of the insects. It is strange how insects come to the rooftop surrounded by such concrete.

Advertising Poster of Chiba

Today, I attended a meeting at a company in Kamiyacho, had lunch with a friend there, and then dropped by Ebisu on an errand.

When I entered the ticket gate of Ebisu Station on the Metro Hibiya Line, I suddenly saw a poster with Chiba-kun in my eyes.
I might have passed by before, but I was attracted to Chiba-kun, who worked hard to promote “Moving to Chiba”, and just stopped and looked at it.
It’s a shame that I forgot to take a photo.

When I came back home, I did a little internet search under the effect of “Chiba-kun” and found an easy-to-understand and fun brochure about moving to Chiba. There are a lot of places I don’t even know, so I want to take my time and tour around Onjuku in the near future.

Even though I live in Tokyo, I’m completely interested in Chiba recently.