Top3 specialties : Taste of Hometown, Onjuku


One of the things that makes me happy to start living between two places is that we can eat fresh and delicious seafood.
The trial period of our two-base life is a slightly spoiled version.
We stay at my parents’ house, and also get picked up at the station and have 3 meals and sake😆
Although we are looking for a property for a full-fledged two-base life, I really want to continue to rely on food.

Top3 Specialties : 1) Abalone & Turbo Cornutus

Abalone Sashimi

After all, my favorite is abalone (Awabi) sashimi.
I always have it with an abalone liver sauce with a little soy sauce.
This year, thanks to the two-places life trial, I’ve been spending a lot of time in Iwawada, so I’ve been able to meet abalone!

Turbo Cornutus (Sazae) appear on the dinner table more often than abalone.
I like to eat it as sashimi. It is also often steamed or grilled in a shell.

Top3 Specialties : 2) Japanese Spiny Lobster

Japanese Spiny Lobster and Turbo Cornutus Sashimi

We really often ate Japanese Spiny Lobster (Ise-Ebi) this year!
The sashimi is very sweet, plump and delicious. It must be a lot of work for the cook (thanks mom), but it doesn’t take long for the eater! 
In addition to sashimi, boiled lobsters and miso soup with rich broth are indispensable every time.
Next summer, I’m definitely going to learn how to cook spiny lobster, abalone and turbo cornutus from my mom🙏

There is a Memorial Hall near the center of Onjuku Beach, where the “Spiny Lobster Festival” is held every year from August to October.
I have never been yet, so I definitely want to go there next year.

Top3 Specialties : 3) Splendid alfonsino

Simmered Splendid Alfonsino in Sweetened Soy Sauce

The best way to eat splendid alfonsino (Kinmedai) is to simmer it with sweetened soy sauce. The flesh is soft and juicy, and the taste is luxurious.

The “Splendid Alfonsino Festival” is held every year around March at Iwawada Fishing Port.
You can buy it at a discount, enjoy free tasting, hula dance shows, and cruising in Ajiro Bay (that’s what they call the ocean around Onjuku).
By the way, my local friend Rieko, who I hung out with the other day, is a member of a hula dance team, and she said she would be performing at this festival.
Actually, I’ve never been there either , so I’ll mark it on my schedule as a must-attend event next year.