How To Rejuvenate a Small Town #02-2| Foods in Otaki-Town, Chiba

大多喜のジェラート山猫 Rejuvenate a Countryside

Ryohin Keikaku (known as MUJI) has been working on the utilization of a closed elementary school in Otaki Town since 2017, and tried to rejuvenate the local community.
Here, I would like to introduce two food shops which were both recommended by the facility manager there.

Gelato Shop “Wildcat”

The first place is a popular shaved ice and gelato store in an undeveloped woodland area that is famous for its long lines.
It is also known as “Wildcat Gelato”.

The owner’s dedication can be felt from every corner of the store, and the owner, who moved from Tokyo, makes gelato and shaved ice using fruits and vegetables carefully selected from local, Chiba Prefecture.

I got the ‘pistachio + burnt buttermilk’ gelato, a combination that never fails to indulge myself.
Next time, I would like to try some of the local flavors such as strawberry from Kimitsu City, sweet Watson pomelo from Chikura City, gold rush (corn) from Sanmu City, and basil with tomato from Isumi City.

Around the lively “Wildcat Gelato” store

Otaki Specialty “Wild Boar Bowl”

It seems that the number of wild boar attacks is increasing year by year in Onjuku, with some destroying fields and digging up lawns in gardens.

In a similar situation in Otaki Town, there was a restaurant that used captured wild boar.

Since we are here, I ordered a full course menu of a wild boar, a rice bowl, stewed, and dumplings.

In Otaki Town, there seems to be very active efforts and activities to attract people and have them enjoy themselves.