Onjuku Gardening | Getting Ready for Sowing Seeds

御宿菜園の草取り Onjuku Gardening

Last Sunday, 4 of us worked hard for two and a half hours weeding.
Let it dry for a while and then throw it out!
So today, Yuriko went to bag up the weeds!

Bulk of the Grass

After a week, the pile of grass was flattened.

A pile of grass just after weeding on September 12: it’s rising.
On September 20, a week has passed and the pile of grass has become much drier and smaller.

Not only the weeds, but also the ridges that we worked so hard to cultivate seem to have dried out and dented.
Next Sunday, we’ll do the rest of the weeding, plow the rows again, add fertilizer and organic garden lime, and get the fluffy beds ready!

I’m worried if that’s really all the preparation we need to do before sowing seeds.

Vegetables To Grow

Here is a summary of what the gardening club members want to grow.

4(For Owner)
5(For Owner)
6(For Owner)
9Chinese Cabbage
10Spring Onion

We also wanted to grow Japanese radishes, potatoes, crown daisy, and broccoli, but according to online information, it’s better to sow seeds by early September. And our sowing time is early October at the earliest, so I guess we’d better do it next year.

I’m also considering garlic, onions, and fava beans in the other field.

I’m looking forward to the harvest already!