The Beach of Hometown : Iwawada, Onjuku

Onjuku Town

I was born and grew up by sea.
I’ve been going to the beach every summer since I had no memory, and my parents still often say that,
“Your skin was like charcoal when you are a little.”
During my summer vacation, I used to go from the beach to the pool every day for 40 days.
The existence of the sea after becoming an adult has changed from such a “playground” to a “place that calms my mind.”
I would like to share some photos of the sea of my hometown in Iwawada, Onjuku.

New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day

At the end of the year, all my families get together at my parents’ house in Onjuku and it is always lively. It’s just like a family gathering for Thanksgiving or Christmas in the U.S.
When my relatives’ children were a little, we often took walks together along the coast and on the sandy beach.
On New Year’s Day, we enjoy flying kites on the beach where there were no electric wires.

On New Year’s Eve, going to see the last sunset of the year at the Iwawada beach
Going to Iwawada Beach to fly a kite at New Year’s Day

Calm sea in winter

The sea in Onjuku is originally calm, but in winter it looks as calm as a lake.
Just sitting on the bench on the promenade will clean your mind deeply.

Around the central in Onjuku Beach
Bronze statue standing in the middle of the sandy beach

Windy day and the sea

The beach in Onjuku is usually full of surfers.
But on days when the wind blows like this, windsurfers come.

The day of windsurfers

View from the other side

We usually look at the sea from the land, but it is strange that when I look at the land from the sea, it looks like a different place.

View of the Iwawada area from the ship