Start a Countryside Gardening Club in Onjuku!

御宿菜園1日目 Onjuku Gardening

Onjuku vegetable gardening club started on Sunday morning in the middle of September, 2021.
It was only two and a half hours of work, weeding and soil cultivation, but by the time it was over, we were exhausted.
I worked up a good sweat for the first time in half a year.
It is since I was in elementary school that weeding in earnest, isn’t it?

[Before weeding] thick grass garden during fallow periods of 5 years
[After weeding and soil cultivation] 4 of us worked for 2 and a half hours

There were so many pill bugs, various colors of larvae, ladybugs, crickets, grasshoppers, and mantis.
After the work was completed, I felt heavy and happy about it.
However, due to lack of exercise, both my husband and I had a muscle pain in our arms, thighs, and groin from the time we woke up the next morning, and the days of difficulties continued for about three days.

Today’s members are…

  • Yuriko who first suggested “I want to do a vegetable gardening!”
  • Chika, the Local Vitalization Cooperator in Onjuku town
  • Shoko, myself from Onjuku town
  • and my husband

It’s fun to work with four people while chatting, and it’s strange that even though we’re tired, we can get the power to do our best and achieve the goal we thought was far away in no time!

And another one, Fumio, is also in the gardening club, but this time he wasn’t feeling well and skipped.

How did this club start, and how did this member meet in the first place?
I would like to write about such things in the next post.

Feeling good about this club

“Onjuku vegetable gardening club” is positioned like a club activity.
It will be held on a schedule that is convenient for everyone.

I often live an indoor weekend life, so I felt like I was very active and motivated with the vegetable gardening club.
We gathered at 9am, chatted and worked while touching the soil, and good sweated.
At 12 o’clock, it breaks up quickly, washing away the whole body full of dirt and sweat, and having a light nap time in the afternoon. It was a comfortable club and I was able to refresh my mind and body.

Return to Tokyo

Limited Express “Wakashio” (Tokyo – Onjuku)

In the recent two-base life cycle, Sunday evening is the day to return to Tokyo.

After an early dinner at Onjuku, we take the limited express “Wakashio” at 6:20pm. I usually feel tired when I get home in Tokyo around 8:00pm, so I take a break before unpacking my luggage.
But I worked up a good sweat from farming this time, I didn’t feel tired, rather refreshed. As soon as I arrived at the house, I was able to keep things tidy and tidy.