How I Met the Members of Onjuku Gardening Club

御宿エビアミーゴと勝浦カッピー People

Onjuku vegetable gardening club started on September 12th.
Where did I meet the members? And how did we get started?

How to get started

The reason why this “Onjuku gardening club” started is that when I was having lunch with Yuriko at Sayan Terrace in Onjuku three weeks before the start of the gardening, she said,
“I want to do a vegetable gardening, so I’m looking for a field.”

Quickly I resonated with her idea and asked to my mom who has the strongest local network, and she immediately contacted two people came to her mind.
In a blink of an eye, we were able to rent two fields for free, and my uncle borrowed the tools used for gardening for all the members, so we could start instantly.
Furthermore, since it is a beginner in the vegetable gardening, my mom introduced us a teacher who will teach us from scratch.
A big thank you to everyone in Onjuku! !! !!

When I called out to Chika, the local Vitalization Cooperator in Onjuku-town, she agreed willingly. Also, Fumio from Yuriko’s family and my husband joined.

Our teacher’s vegetable garden. Since Reeves’s muntjac and wild boar appear, iron wires and nets are laid around.

First Encounter

The encounter between Yuriko and Chika was at a regional community center near Onjuku Station, which I visited in mid-July this year. Chika came to the place every Wednesday as a cooperator for the purpose of interacting with various people in town.
Unfortunately, this place seems to have closed at the end of last month (end of August).

At that time, Yuriko had just moved from Tokyo to Onjuku and came around to collect local information and be connected. And since I was starting to live in two cities, Tokyo and Onjuku, I was curious about what kind of people are in Onjuku and what kind of interesting activities they are doing.

On that day, in addition to the two above, there were Konno-san who is running a mobile coffee shop and May who is working at this place.
I can’t remember what the five of us talked about (laughs), but after exchanging contact, we could make a loose connection. When we came to Onjuku, we talked to each other for lunch, walked around together, and so on.

Take a walk through the unlined tunnel leading to the Koura coast, Iwawada