Zero Waste

Zero Waste Life : Once you start, you can’t stop “Local Food Cycling”

I started a composting at home in February of this year. For about 3 and a half months, I kept throwing food scraps into the same bag, followed by a three-week maturation period, and now I have nutrient-rich compost! And I sowed three kinds of seeds: 1) radish, 2) arugula, and 3) mini bok choy.

Summer Vacation Plan : Yes, Hawaii!

"We've got our flights, we've got our accommodations, and now all we have to do is wait for the flight to leave!" The New Normal is not to be. It has been about half a year since my last visit to the U.S., so I proceeded to search the Internet, hoping that the required documents and inspections had been eased.
Between Two Cities

Life Between Two Cities : One Year Has Passed

On weekends, pack up and take the express train, 80 minutes from Tokyo Station to Onjuku, work in the fields, take a walk along the beach, and discover new shops and places. Looking back, we had a lot of new experiences and encounters!
Zero Waste

Zero Waste Life : Impressions of 2 Months Composting at Home

Two months have passed in the blink of an eye since I started our first composting at home. Normally, two months is the food scraps-in period, followed by a three-week ripening period to complete the composting process, but since we live in two locations, we only generate food scraps on an average of four days a week in Tokyo. So I decided to continue throwing in garbage for a little longer.
Onjuku Gardening

Onjuku Gardening Club – Day9 : Changing from fall/winter to spring/summer vegetables

Saturday, April 9, was the day for planting spring and summer vegetables, but weeding was by far the more time-consuming task. From the time we gathered at 8:00 am until the chime sounded to signal noon, we frantically weeded two fields for four hours.
Beach Cleanup

March Beach Cleanup Day in Onjuku

I was going to write a blog about the March beach cleanup, but nearly two weeks passed in the blink of an eye, and now it's April. The March beach cleanup was conducted by four people when there were many surfers. And the fava beans that were sown in October will grow quickly in March, and we are looking forward to the day when they bear fruit.

SIT Architecture Student’s Presentation in Iwawada, Onjuku

On Tuesday, March 15, a SIT student's presentation was held at Iwawada, Onjuku Town by an associate professor Michiko Okano's laboratory from the Department of Architecture at the Shibaura Institute of Technology. 39 people of various and wide generations gathered, including the Mayor and the Chairperson of Onjuku Town, and the Mayor of Iwawada Ward.
Onjuku Gardening

Onjuku Gardening Club -Day8 : Soil Preparation for Spring/Summer Veges

The Onjuku vegetable garden, started last September, has completed one cycle of fall and winter veges, and now it's time to start preparing for spring and summer veges! We cultivate the barely remaining ridges again, add fertilizer, and make ridges.

Onjuku Handmade Craft Exhibition

An exhibition of handmade dolls, temari balls, flowers, and Chinese zodiac dolls, as well as dolls depicting the Mexican memorial tower that symbolizes Iwawada and the fishing industry, all of which have been created by the aunties of the Iwawada district of Onjuku Town over the past year, has just started!!
Zero Waste

Zero Waste Life : Finally Start Composting At Home

I'm the type of person who pushes forward impulsively against anything. However, I was very cautious when it came to composting. .. But now, it's finally started!